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Craft ideas directly to your inbox while being introduced to new and interesting artists around the world!

YourCraft Magazine is an e-magazine aimed at women looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, friendly, cute, arty, sarcastic, curious, caring and jealous as they are.

Find unique indoor and outdoor seasonal decorations such as holiday centerpieces, homemade wreaths and more. YourCraft's collection of project ideas and decorating tips is sure to keep you busy year-round!

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Within the pages of YourCraft Magazine, craft masters and artisans are celebrated!


Whats included?

We want to surprise and delight our readers with every turn/swipe of our beautiful pages and enjoy a refreshing mimosa or cup of coffee while doing so.


Inspirational and interactive spreads

Wellness activities, creative spaces, masterworks, curated materials and artful leisure


Short tutorials

Long and short form instructional articles (workshops); art project assignments and drink recipes for those long-awaited craft nights


Long-form editorial features

We cover art, design, craft, self-love and real-life stories, artist profiles, self-love pieces. Also offers a variety of delicious drink and snack recipes.


YourCraft Magazine allows you to add a personal touch to any room, outfit or party you may have with fun and creative ideas. Packed with design ideas, decorating tips and more, YourCraft is the ultimate guide for DIY enthusiasts. YourCraft also offers a wide variety of delicious drink and snack recipes perfect for your next gathering.

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