All Things Virginia Beach

Who loves the beach? who would love growing up at the beach?

You would think everyone, but while I was in high school I always found a reason not to enjoy Virginia Beach, but not anymore!! Once I moved to Philly I missed everything about Virginia. 

Heres a list of 7 things some might not know about Virginia Beach

1. Its not just Virginia Beach

I mean you know how cities are, they have multiple neighborhoods within the one city... WELL Virginia Beach... has 9. Living in Philly there were over 15 different neighborhoods so 8 doesn't sound too crazy. If this is your first time in VA Beach then you'll be surprised to know you've just driven through 3 different neighborhoods while on your way to the beach.

The neighborhoods are -

  • Great Neck - suburbia 
  • Chicks Beach - small beach town feel, on the bay side
  • North End - where the locals live and go to the beach 
  • The Boardwalk - Where al the hotels are, Locals usually stay away from this area during the summer unless they work down there. 
  • Town Center - our small "city" - where the tallest buildings
  • Pungo - country 
  • Sandbridge  - yet another beach along the Atlantic Ocean. This one is a pretty far to get there, I only know locals who live there or people who have personal beach homes there.
  • Croatan - another locals beach, not many tourists know about.
  • Red Mill - Suburbia 

2. We have more coffee shops that grocery stores

If you're a coffee lover like me, this is the place for you. We have coffee shops everywhere! Yes most places do these days, but boy oh boy.  A ones good one is  Bad Ass Coffee, which brings a little taste of Hawaii to Virginia. Other good one is Three Ships Coffee who are, "A small team of self-made roasters, our journey lies in bringing you a unique, perfectly complex cup of coffee."  And their coffee is VERY good! My last favorite is Zeke's. Really they are known as Zeke's Beans & Bowls, but locals just call them Zeke's. Not only do they have awesome coffee they have awesome food to go along with it, and they just recently got a bar! Now thats my kind of place!

3. We don’t just have a beach, we have 7

So I mentioned above, all the different neighborhoods within Virginia Beach. Most of them are the different beaches (even though they are really the same beach :) ) There are 4 beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and 2 along the Chesapeake Bay and then 1 within our First Landing Park. A lot... I know. They're all pretty different though

4. You can experience all 4 seasons in 1 day

This is a small joke we all have here, but its very true! During the Fall and Spring you will experience all seasons in one day. Ill have a light sweater on in the morning and by lunch time I'm sweating because its so hot. So I change to something warmer and it'll start randomly raining (I now keep a raincoat and umbrella in my car at all times). An lets not forget once that sun goes down I'm cold again. 

5. We have a taste of everything - the city, the county, and suburbia

I mentioned this in my first point, but you'll be driving and all of a sudden you how huge buildings around you and then 5 minutes later its all shopping centers and neighborhoods. Another few minutes you'll be in straight country! 

6. We have some awesome places to eat

Like all places, they have their go to "best" places. We have a little bit of everything here, but more chain restaurants than smaller boutique restaurants. I have 2 go to places. My favorite place for lunch is Taste Unlimited. They have the BEST sandwiches. They are very giving when it comes to making the sandwiches. Another good place to go is Bay Local Eatery, especially for Brunch! They have the best Ta-chos (nachos, but made with tots instead of chips). 

7. WE ARE THE SOUTH - You might not think we are, but WE ARE

I mean, the title says is all, Y'all ;)


When you're planning your next vacation. Think about Virginia Beach as a possible destination. The summer is the best because everything is so alive and there are things happening all around the city! 

Hope to see you here soon!