7 Essential Items for a Beach Day

Beach must have for the people who are on the beach from sun up to sun down! 

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Growing up at the beach you know how important it is to have everything you are going to need for the day when its a beach day. Whether is be a good book, headphone, or simple a chair and sunglasses. I've put together a solid lists of Beach must haves for the beach bums all around.



I'm a float kind of girl. My pull is practically filled to the brim with floats. My favorite floats are the fruit shaped one and the animals. Whats your favorite? 

Towel, chair or both

When I was younger I never wanted to sit in a chair, I was all about the towels and now I only want a chair. I'm more finicky about sand now that i'm older (I know, weird, right?). But when it comes to towels.. you MUST get Turkish towels! They're super thin, so soft and pretty, and best part is if you get them wet - they dry SO fast! Seriously!

Beach bag

Okay, who doesn't bring a bag to the beach? how else do you carry everything around?! Your Speakers, your phone, keys, SNACKS?! where would it all go if you didn't have a bag! 

You have to stay hydrated on these hot days!

So don't forget to bring some drinks - I usually pack an equal part drinks to water. My favorite thing to drink on the beach is Juice Box wine. You can purchase at any grocery store or for cheaper; any 7-11. 


Alright y'all, lets get real. NO ONE wants bad skin, NO ONE wants cancerous moles SO PUT SUNSCREEN ON! I'm at fault with this, I use to never wear sunscreen. I would only put tanning oil on and boy would I burn burn burn - Next day id be super tan though ;). But now I've become  a lot more couscous and use a minimum of 4, but I don't usually go above 10. My skin doesn't burn as easily as others.


I LOVE umbrellas! When I want sun I just have to move a few steps to the right or left or if i'm tired of the sun, but i'm not ready to leave the beach I just plop my chair right under the umbrella and i'm GOOD. TO. GO.


PROTECT YOUR EYES PEOPLE! I have really bad eyes. I have to wear contacts or glasses and if i don't I'm tripping over everything! So put on some sunnies and protect your eyes from those UV rays!