Did You Forget Their Gift?

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We all know what time it is!! V A L E N T I N E S   D A Y!! Or if you’re a rocken Girl Boss (which YOU ARE) then you’re here for GALENTINES DAY! 😊

I used to hate this time of year, but when Leslie Knope brought Galentines Day into my life, everything changed.

 So tomorrow if Valentine’s Day and I still have no Idea what to get Matt. EEEKK. I might be creating a handmade gift on my lunch break… For gifts, I think the thought is always what matters. We have all gotten a bad gift in our lives at least once… maybe some more than normal, but you should remember, it’s the thought that counts.

So for all you ladies and gentlemen out there who just have no idea what to get your significant other (like me) I have put a small list together of potential ideas!


1. 5 senses bags

                With this you put together 5 bags or boxes full of gifts dealing with the 5 senses You can be sexy with this, or do something silly. Below or examples I found on Pinterest – so I do not take credit for the below photos.

2. Customized gift –( tie clip, cuff links, picture frame (with a picture of course))

                So I am a Sucker for customized gifts. Esty is your place to go for these! For the past two Christmases I've gotten everyone in my family personalized gifts. My dad I got a Whiskey decanter and glass set with his Initials, My mom I got a personalized cutting board and for my brother I got a flask set with his name on it. They all loved them!

3. Mile stone picture: we met, we kissed, we lived, we moved

                I've put some photos below (that I do not take credit for) for some examples. Most of them are from married couples or in weddings. But don’t worry, even if you’re not married or getting married you can still do this gift! Just play with the sayings. Like… The Day we met, our first date, our first kiss, our first place together or the first time we said, “I love you”. If you guys got a pet together you could use that date. You can really use anything significant that has happened. Maybe I could do this one for Matt?

4.a new watch - Matt would love this! Not like he doesn’t have enough 😊

                Ever guy needs a watch, and you don’t have to spend a lot to find a good one. Some people might think so, but I have found some really cook ones for under $100. A gain Etsy is a great place to find these!

5. “52 reasons why I love you” jar

                I think we all know what these are, but just to be nice I’ve added some examples (that are not mine). It a jar where you put little scraps of paper with fun reasons why you love the other person. I think this was be cute, because 52 is a lot of reason so I would think after a few you’d have to start getting creative with your reasons. That’s always fun. And then you could decorate the jar however you’d like.




1. 5 senses can work for her too

                I told this example above, but I think this could be an awesome gift for either person in the relationship. You could just have so much fun with this!

2."Remember when” box filled with great memories

                This is kind of equivalent to the “52 reasons jar” or the “Milestone picture,” but this one is mainly memories of y’alls relationship. This could be fun because there might be some memories that the other doesn’t remember so this could be a fun way to “go down memory lane.”

                I keep a small box with significant items in it – I might need a bigger box soon, but right now it’s the perfect size. I have the first flower Matt had ever given me in the box. I have a rose from my grandfather in there and some notes or pictures from special events.

3. A simple necklace

                I'm not huge on jewelry, I think it just gets in the way, but I love a simple small pendent necklace. Below are some ideas for small delicate necklaces. I think these necklaces are beautiful and would help dress up any outfit. They’re just so pretty!!

4. A life sized teddy bear

               HINT, HINT Matt!  (I’ve been asking for one of these for 4 years now and still don’t have one). These are probably very, very useless, but what girl doesn’t one?! Like, COME ON!

5. Flowers

               Flowers make me so happy! Matt is the first boyfriend to ever buy me flowers and when we lived in Philly he made it a thing that he would always have flowers in the house for me.

               This is just a given, you should always give your significant other flowers. We just want to know you think of us. Flowers are a perfect go to gift that any girl would love, unless she’s allergic…watch out for that. haha.