Productivity in a Nutshel

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Are you feeling a little sluggish lately? Don't worry! You are NOT the only one. I get sluggish all the time, and I never know how to get out of that funk. If you've never felt that (which first of all I call BS) it's the worst. You have no motivation to do anything! I've put off so many awesome goals and ideas because of that unproductive funk.


Below I am going to share with you all the ways I have pushed through my funk and have started and achieved some of my big goals! Im going to list some of the smart and even fun ways I got productive!

When I first starting building Mimosas & Picasso, my brain came up with ever possible excuse why I shouldn't do it or why I shouldn't continue working on posts. I can't count how many times I smacked my head on my dinning room table trying to make my brain work. Trying to come up with at least one new blog post idea or one new email to send subscribers. But my brain was NOT having it. 


Here is a list of 15 ways I stay productive

  1. Utilize and divide your time for each task in hand
  2. Take a break, meditate
  3. Share ideas with others and soak their criticism.
  4. Keep your home office out of sight from your bedroom.
  5. Invest in comfortable workspace furniture.
  6. Dress for work, even if you work from home
  7. Work slow, but steady
  8. De-clutter your workspace
  9. Listen to music instead of having the TV on
  10. Have a to do list for the day only
  11. Do something different ever 30-40 minutes to refresh mind
  12. If you work from home, have designated work hours
  13. Love what you are doing
  14. Forget what others are doing, you do it your way!
  15. Put your reputation on the line

All 15 of these tasks helped me push through my funks and get working! I think my favorite was setting a timer. Im huge in competition so trying to beat the timer was a really fun game I made for myself. WhenI have to outline a blog post or if it was a graphic creating day, I will set my timer for 30min and give myself a goal. If I complete my goal before the timer I treat myself to 2 episodes of The Office or I get to surf the web for another 30min. 

If your brain thinks your "working" than its not going to work. You have to be in love with what you're doing so it doesn't feel like work. For the days your loving your work, but your brain isn't... Trick it. ;) 


I hope these help!! If they did, Let me know what worked for you or if you have any other ideas to keep you productive!


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