That Mysterious ME Time


     When was the last time you took a time out? You know, stopped and took some time for yourself? It may sound like a trivial question, but all to often we miss the chance to take a breath from out busy schedules to restart or recharge. 

     We all claim that we need "Me Time" and maybe some of you are taking it. Other may be thinking, "What the hell is Me Time?" According to the Oxford Dictionary, "Me Time" is :

Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.
— Oxford Dictionary

If you're thinking "I don't do this..." Then its time for you to start. That's why I'm here ;) 



Yes, of course there are benefits to "Me Time". I wouldn't share something with you if it didn't... What would be the point of that?

  • Gives you the opportunity to relieve stress. 
  • Restore balance and energy, and allows you to return to tasks refreshed.
  • It can even make you better company for others. With reduced stress and a fresh outlook, you can now focus on the good stuff when you are with others!
  • Gives you the ability to think clearly.
  • Allows you time to discover your true feelings about certain things.
  • Gives you better problem solving skills to in return helps you find solutions to your problems.
  • Give you a chance to reboot your mindset.
  • If you spend time alone regularly than you'll feel no pressure when taking part in activities alone.
  • You get more time to think about your goals in life and to plan for your future.
  • Spending time alone can get your creativity flowing as you have more time to think and come up with fabulous ideas!
  • You don't have to compromise, for a short time you don't have to take anyone else into consideration and can do exactly what you want to do.
  • Once you start having fun by yourself you will learn to trust your gut.
  • Learning to enjoy your own company will increase your self esteem. You will begin to realize that you are enough.


Some people may think there is a "wrong" way to spend "me time", but honestly if you find joy in cleaning o organizing and thats how you decide to spend your " me time" than good on you!! "Me Time" is exactly that.. ME, MINE. Its your time to do whatever you want!



I get it. You work, you have school, you have obligations. Between waking up and sitting in rush hour traffic just to go to work for 8hrs, . then to come home and make dinner and getting chores done and finally getting to me, there is no room for "Me Time". This might mean you wake up a little earlier, or stay up a little late. Maybe you find time on the weekend. Trust me, you need this. And if you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen.



Yes, time alone quietly reflecting or time spent on guided meditation can be beneficial but these aren’t your only options. There are so many things you can do alone. Remember, time spent alone needn’t be time wasted.

  • Treat yourself! Have a spa day, go shopping.
  • Have an impromptu solo dance party.
  • Watch your go to comfort movie.
  • Cook yourself your favorite meal.
  • Cross off a few things on your todo list.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Binge watch your favorite Netflix show/movie. Or if you want to get out of the house, then take yourself to the movies.
  • Go to a coffee shop by yourself and bring a good book
  • Travel somewhere new. See and do everything that you want to, with no compromises.
  • Take up a new hobby. Learn and practice at your own pace.
  • Spend an hour in the shower. Or as long as you want to. Sing as loud as you like.
  • Get in the car and start driving, see where the road takes you.
  • Pick a room in your house and decorate it anyway you want. Go crazy!
  • Find a new recipe.. like a cake or cookies. Bake it... then devour it! ;)
  • Take online courses where you can learn something new. (Im doing this right now and couldn't be happier!!)
  • Go for a walk, or run.
  • Look through old photos and reflect on those memories you might have forgotten about.
  • Start a journal or blog
  • Instead of cooking, why don't you make someone else do the work. Take yourself out to dinner.
  • Meditate for 10-20 minutes.
  • Do a yoga or workout.
  • Create something. Get that sketch book and draw something, even if you've never drawn before.




    XOXO Kellan