10 Date Ideas for Any Couple


Raise your hand if you’re getting tired of the day to day dinner and a movie date. Don’t get me wrong you can never go wrong with a classic date like that. But when you’ve been dating someone for a while getting stuck in a rut is never a fun thing.

So, spice up your dates or at least mix it up a little!

If you like the normal dinner and a move date (like me), but are getting a little bored then spice it up and try a new cuisine you would never try. Go out of your comfort zone and sit at a communal table with other couples. If you always sit at a table try the bar for a change. Just Mix it up, make some fun out of it!

Here are 10 Date Ideas for any couple.

1.  A simple movie night

       A simple movie night can be great for any couple. If you’re a little low on funds this week, but really want to spend some quality time together, then turn the lights off and start that movie! You can have fun with this by popping some popcorn and having some good candy to snack on. You could even make personal popcorn bowls or soda cups for each other.

2.       Have a game night

         I Freaking LOVE games! This is similar to the movie night, but it can get fun with the competition! Make sure you get games for 2 players, because games that require more than two turn out pretty boring. Any Walmart or Target will have plenty of games to choose from. I really like Clue or Battleship!

3.      Go to the zoo

         The zoo is a perfect place for a date. I don’t think you are ever too old to go to the zoo. Don’t be scared to let your inner child out. Buy the cotton candy, go to the petting zoo, or even race each other to the next exhibit. I haven’t been in YEARS and have been dying to go ever since they updated our local zoo (hint, hint Matt. We’re doing this when it gets warm).

4.       Recreate your first date

         This is for those couples out there that have been dating for a while. Go back to your roots and recreate how you met or recreate your first date. No matter what it was. If you can go to the same place that would be so fun, if not then get creative!

5.       Go for a hike

         This would be an awesome day date. I’m living in Virginia Beach, so just about an hour or two out from some awesome trails. The trails even lead to waterfalls in the mountains. This would be fun for all your outdoorsy people! I’m more of a beach girl than a woods girl, but I’d be all for it! Get out of your comfort zone and try something new y’all.

6.       Go wine/beer tasting at a local place

         If you’re a drinker or have respect for the Mixology world this is a perfect date for you. I’m a wine drinker, and love going to wineries around me. If you’re a beer drinker I highly recommend going to breweries around you! Breweries have been popping up on every corner here it feels (I’m not complaining!).

         I think this would be a good 1st date idea. You get a cool laid-back atmosphere with no pressure and plenty of liquid courage if you’re super nervous. Just don’t get messy (😊 haha).

7.       Go to a comedy show

         I have never been to a comedy show, but my mom when to Ron White when he was on tour and she had a blast. You could go to see a huge comedian on tour or go check out your local comedy club and see what they have going on. This doesn’t have to be super expensive or fancy, just grabs some drinks and have a good laugh!

8.       Go to a play

         I went to art school and all my friends were in the theater or musical theater department and the shows I saw with them were awesome! My family also has a small tradition during the holidays where we go see a traveling Broadway show together and I can tell you how amazing I think it is! I don’t ever want that to end.

         Going to a play can be a good date for people who have been dating a while and are comfortable being silent around each other. It’s also a good way to get into the arts community in your area. And the show doesn't have to be expensive, you could go see a matinée and still do dinner afterwards.

9. Attend a local concert

          In Virginia Beach we have bars that play live music, we have a huge amphitheater, as well as smaller concert venues. All of my favorite show I’ve seen have been in the small bars. The best thing about those shows is that their FREE! It’s a perfect date idea for people who just want to get out of the house and do something. Go support your local business as well as some local artists!

10. Stay in an cook for each other

         Matt and I are doing this tonight for Valentine’s Day. We don’t get to see each other a lot right now, since were doing the long distance think right now so have quality time at home together is one of my favorite things.

         You can have fun with this by find a recipe online that you both have never had or never cooked and cook it together! You could even go further and make desert too! Have fun with each other and talk to each other. This is a good dare idea if you’re first starting to date because you can spend the time in the kitchen talking and laughing and getting to know each other.



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