What to do if you face negativity for your new diet choice?

_Liberties aren't given, they are taken._ —Aldous Huxley.png

     I remember when I first made the choice to change my diet; I was going to go full Keto and pretty much cut my diet in half.. WRONG! I love food way too much. And I learned that high cholesterol runs in my family, so the diet was actually dangerous for me to do. I decided to still do “low carb” but just not high fats and protein. Just normal fats and protein :) -- it's a little hard to explain so I'll save it for another day.

Continuing with my story…

     When I started talking about my new diet to my coworkers I thought I would have a lot of support, since I work in an office that is 99% women who are always “watching their figure.”But, I was very very wrong. Almost everyone gave me kickback and said I was stupid for doing this. I was super bummed. I’ve worked with some of these people for a while now and I thought I would have their support. But I refused to let their judgments get me down!! I wanted to get my body in order and get to a place where I was happy in how I felt so I thanked them for their input and walked away.


     Let me tell y’all something. Everyone… and I mean everyone is going to have an opinion on what you do. Some might not say it, but others will. So please. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Because ultimately it's your body and your life, you get to choose what you do. Of course, if a doctor is saying that what you want to do is dangerous, than maybe you shouldn't do it. But, if it's just someone you work with and they say don't do that because carbs are too yummy to give up.. Maybe let that go in one ear and out the other. 


     This world is full of criticism and it’s very difficult to perceive other people’s comments. The main thing is to ignore what others think and say about you; otherwise it can hold you back in life. I hope these 7 reasons will help you realize that there is no need to get caught in an endless loop of reading into someone comment towards you.

1. It's not really about you
Remember that not all things that others may say or think are really about you. Other people’s words and comments are just their personal vision of the situation. Moreover, there are a lot of ill-bred and uneducated people who are used to criticizing things they don’t know. You cannot change the perception and the state of mind of negative people. So, you should ignore the negative comments and destructive words.

2. Take the nuggets of truth
Another idea is to sift through the comments and analyze what is truth and what is a lie. Only you can analyze and judge the info, because you know yourself better than anyone else. If you are a self-critical person, then you can learn some useful things from these comments. If not, then try to ignore these emotional attacks and go on with your day.

3. People tend to share their bad mood
Nowadays many people tend to damp someone’s spirits if they have a bad day. You should realize that there is nothing personal, but the product of one’s bad day. If you’ve noticed that your workmate is in a bad mood, you should stay reasonable and don’t take their negative words and comments too hard. 

4. One person - One opinion
The opinion of your negative co-worker isn’t the voice of the whole planet. Nowadays there are more than 7 billion people on earth. That’s why you should stop worrying and wasting time on one person’s comment.

5. Rude and Crazy people
This world is full of crazy and rude people. They don’t have the slightest idea on how to make a polite conversation and often end up hurting people around by their rude comments. The only way is to disregard the opinions of such people. Never ever try to justify yourself. If they resort to comments, nothing you say will make a difference, so don’t even try. Stay away, as far as possible, from such people. Try to listen to the words of supportive and level-headed people.

6. Only you know who you are
You should remember that you are the only one who knows your nature, beliefs, traditions and values. If a stranger doesn’t like your values, you shouldn’t worry about this fact, because it’s absolutely normal. Tastes differ, that’s why many people have different visions of the world, upbringing and level of personal development. You should practice being open-minded instead of defensive about negative words and comments of others. Such life approach will help you improve yourself and learn how to deal with criticism.


7. Don't let other ruin your day
It’s up to you if you let them ruin your day, or if you learn to stand up for yourself and accept yourself just the way you are. Don’t let other people’s comments change your mood. If you cannot avoid rude comments addressed to you, then keep your cool and respond with politeness.

What do you do to ignore negative comments? I would love to hear any more tips y’all might have on the subject?