Artist Spotlight : Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia


S O MANY colors and OOH so many balls of hand-sewn (yes I said hand-sewn)! I am in love with the bright and candy like colors. This work is organic yet oh so organized. Each and every piece placed on purpose. I can't get enough of her work! I just want to cover my walls with them or maybe have a carpet of them so I can sleep on then. Don't the colors and the different sizes make you wanting more??


Artist Spotlight : Binka Rigava


Just look at that bead work! Think of all the time put into these pieces. I can't fathom how much time each portrait took. Each one is so carefully done and just so beautifully-executed! I wish I had to patience for something like this... I don't. I applaud people who have a delecate touch and can do this. The photographs were taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston of actresses from the 20s and 302s.  Binka was actually commissioned to do this work for Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. (The space is pictured below)


 Hotel Monteleone is a Literary and Historic landmark. The hotel has been open since before the 1930′s and has been written about in novels from authors like Hemingway,  Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, and many more. The carousel in the bar is existing and has been there for over 70 years. The carousel even slowly spins completing a full circle once every 15 minutes.

Artist Spotlight : Anna Duthie


H O W cool are these?! 

Anna Duthie graduated from Glasgow School of Art back in 2012 - the above work was done during that time. "Her work reflects and appreciation of pattern, surface, embellishment, contrasting textures, and color." - YEAH IT DOES! Im in love with how she puts the work together, cohesive black and white photos of women covered in colorful and eclectic patterns. I would S O wear some of these designs if given the chance! :) You know what they remind me of... The paper dolls I would play with as a girl. Anyone else remember those?

Anna went to the Royal College of Art for her masters in 2016. Her work changed from the collage aspect to physical design and garment making.

The work still has the beautiful delicate detail and the soft color palette. Which oh my goodness I can't get enough of it! She works with print and embroidery for fashion. "I create textiles that blur the boundaries between the two disciplines. I am interested in making fabrics that are not what they appear" I can so see that!

When I went to school I also tried blurring the lines between painting and fibers - still working on that :)