hi, im Kellan!


Let me just start off by saying W E L C O M E!

I know why you are here. You’re here to see what my blog is all about, right? Well, I'll save you some time and tell you exactly what you need to know. Mimosas and Picasso is all about taking advantage of the time you have. Whether its traveling, locked in the studio or simply having a drink with you friends or family.

So... about me? Where do I even start, my name! It's Kellan and is pronounced like Helen, but with a K (yes I have to tell people that). I'm a girl born in a beach town chasing the calm relaxing life and that life does not include a 9-5 corporate job. I’m new to the blogging world and am here to learn from all you amazing people out there and possibly sharing my two-sense where I can. 

I you want to know more about why I started